Fastrans Global Logistics is a fully-fledged cargo clearing and forwarding company, which prides itself of solid achievements as an airfreight cargo services provider.

These include among others, recognition by leading International Airlines.

Fastrans Global Logistics has been exporting goods to all parts of Africa, Europe, Asia North & South America, the Mid and Far East. We have access to the major airlines that operate in and out of Nairobi.

Our warehousing solutions are designed to offer the best and most flexible warehousing facilities to companies that do not provide in-house logistics services, or that wish to focus on core competencies.

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Fastrans Global Logistics has a wide range of services that include customs clearance, storage,
transport / distribution, air consolidation, and market intelligence thus we are proud to share our experience in managing your simple and complex freight requirements.

We have a rich history of high-level performance and are therefore pleased to offer the following
services and many more when called upon.

   - Clearing & forwarding
   - Customs clearance
    - Market intelligence
 - Airfreight logistics
 - Warehousing
 - Cold storage

Fastrans Global logistics Ltd is the company of
choice for companies expanding within an existing market or penetrating a new one
because we offer:
       - Dedicated warehouses
       - Multi- client warehouses

COMMUNICATION: Fastrans Global Logistics has a well-integrated communication system that
enables faster response to customer queries, enquiries, and compliments and complains 24/7.

WAREHOUSING: As mentioned above, we have a warehouse with storage capacity of approx. 100,000 metric tons that can be managed with ease due to proper labeling and identification
marks. Chances of loss/misplacement of cargo are almost zero.

Cargo Capacities:  We can lift tonnage of perishables, general cargo and heavy lift cargo on charter and on scheduled flights.
Our Motto: "Efficiency Always"

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